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Thief (Love Me With Lies #3) by Tarryn Fisher

Thief (Love Me With Lies, #3)

Words cannot give justice to how I feel. I don't even know how I feel.

I won't go on about how amazing of a writer Tarryn is because it's unnecessary. The whole of the plot is a total mixed collage of revelation, bombshell, shocker and non stop drama. Probably the most realistically written yet dramatic book I've ever read. Now that is saying something- that a writer can compose of a story that is both realistic, believable yet so dramatic.

I'll also not go on about the my reaction to every matter, as anyone who has read it will understand. My opinions on a lot of things; including every single present character; distorted as we are transferred from Olivia and Leah's warped minds and into Caleb's head. He of course puts everything into perspective.

[I seen a different side to Cammie- I never realized she was so manipulative. She has a lot to answer for. Noah, who I once thought was a righteous and respectable guy turned out to be a seflish, cold and distant character undeserving of Olivia, and definitely the real Thief/Opportunist. Caleb was an even better person than I once thought- I did not think I could love him anymore than I did until I got inside his head. Olivia is changed to say the least.

Every single loose end was tied up in a nice little bow. I did however wonder what ever happened to Pickles. Trivial but it was pondered non the less. Perhaps our friend Dobbie decided to take him for company in substitute for his abductions of college girls? 

The ending was perfect with a bittersweet after taste, and definitely gave us readers the closure we so much asked for and needed. I think all of the books gather such an emotional response because they are written so realistically to the point where we forget it's fiction. TF got the balance right, between a HEA and an emotion-packed, non-cliche conclusion to the Love Me With Lies series.

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