Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Drink Devine by Aryn Cordner

*Copy of Drink Devine provided by Aryn Cordner in exchange for an honest review*

Rating: 3.75

Drink Divine (Drink Divine Book 1)

Fingersmith meets Twilight 

I love period novels and the whole theme of Victorian England. I can only imagine being a writer, that it is difficult to compose of a story within an era of such significance, abberration and singularity. Victorian England was a time of gothic heterogeneity, and I believe that Aryn succeeded in capturing Victorian idiosyncrasies through the written aesthetics and ideas prevalent throughout. 

The concept of vampirism additionally seemed more authentic in such a setting, and though some of the ideas were wholly unoriginal and have previously been explored (i.e- Half vampire, Half human with such characteristic/living traits;*cough* Twilight *cough, cough*), it was still a brave area to explore.

It would, however, be a harsh statement to say that this is a near carbon copy of Twilight; which I see a lot of vampire books post the Twilight saga be perceived; because it is not. 

I read a few comments by readers who complained that the protagonist, Selena, was not likable. To that, I have to say that when reading from Selena's POV, you have to remember the time period and culture that this is set in and how it effected the way women were and thought of themselves in Victorian England. If you have read the likes of Jane Austen, despite it being of the Regency Era, or even the Brontes, then you will know that this was the way women were taught to be. You can easily argue that Austen had a narrowness of vision regarding her characters, and that they are shallow and pompous, but this was the 18th/19th century principles. Women also were expected to market themselves through their outward personalities and appearance, to potential husbands of a noble and notable family..($Wealth$) 
This all relates to their vanity.

The plot and story was interesting, as were the characters, to read. 
Also, the cover is beautiful!

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