Saturday, 20 July 2013

More Than This by Jay McLean

*Copy of book provided by Jay McLean in return for an honest review*

More Than This (More Than This, #1)

One simply cannot sleep through such restless leg syndrome inducing levels of humidity so instead I shall type up on my shitty auto correct phone the best review I can conjure up at sweaty 3 o clock in the morning in NorthEast England. 

So they say that reading before bed always helps you to fall asleep. 
Pffft. Not when you're a bookworm and stuck in a tiny dark bedroom, incredibly sleep depraved and inhaling vapours because its so Dogdamn clammy! You can tell I'm English but being half Arab, and having lived in the Middle East for a few months in the peak summer, I should accustomed to it. I'm calling BS.

How did I even get here? Time to back pedal prior digression.

I just finished reading the heartbreaking More Than This in a bubbling fit of tears. It was so emotional and devastating, especially regarding the massive misfortune that was fated upon Mikayla on that dreadful day. The nature of the characters and the ways in which they reacted to the unfortunate events was heart warming which made them have a lot likable qualities.

There are a lot of angsty moments, and I can definitely see myself re-reading this story again if I'm craving something moody. Thank you Jay Mclean for providing me with your beautiful story.

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