Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Courtesan's Lover by Gabrielle Kim

The Courtesan's Lover

This is a historical story set in the beautiful Tuscany. The visuals given by the writing were vivid and aesthetic. The writing was of a high standard, had picturesque depictions, and each of the characters were thoroughly developed, each with a detailed sub plot. 

I enjoyed reading the story until a third of the way through. I had reached a point where the plot became too paced and tame, and then I lost interest. I read a spoiler review to see if the book was to me, worth finishing, but when I seen where the storyline goes, I ended up not picking the my copy back up.

It just didn't make sense to me that the first 30% of the book was about the young virgin son (forgotten his name) get close to, and fall in love with the mysterious courtesan, Francesca, and for them to share such intimacy, then for her to marry his father. That is why I didn't carry on finishing the book. Useless plotting.

I can see why people would like this book, but it just wasn't for me, and the plot spoiled it to the point where I didn't want to finish it. Needless to say, because of the high quality of the writing and the technical side of the literature, plus the fact that I think Gabrielle Kim is a talented writer, I give this three stars.

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