Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Avoiding Responsibility by K.A. Linde

Rating: 2*

I can't see myself finishing this book anymore after having abandoned it 3 weeks ago. Basically, I got fed up of the writing style. I really hate having to criticize authors on the way they write because I believe in everyone having the freedom to write in their own unique style no matter how eloquent or opposingly, non-sophisticated it is. But...(the big B-U-T)...

For me, the writing was too repetitive and heavy, and I lost patience to the point where I ended up leaving the book nearly half way through. There were too many sentences in between a couple of lines of dialogue which I couldn't seem to digest, and I ended up skim reading nearly everything after I realized that having read those sentences (interior thoughts of the narrator etc), I was non the wiser and was neither absorbed or intrigued on reading more.

It's a shame because I hate leaving books unfinished, and I do kind of want to know about some of the lies and secrecy, but everything was dragged out far too much and for too long that I ended up losing interest. I did enjoy the first book and even rated it with 4 stars based on the levels of nostalgia, excitement and angst present between characters. 

If the author reads this review, I hope it doesn't sting too much. I know, being a writer myself, how much work, effort and determination creating a story like this consists of.

Lastly, I have to be brutally honest and say that I detested every single character in this book. I couldn't swallow their immaturity, lack of control, morals or self respect, naivety, sex obsessions... I could list a few more stemmed by my personal upbringing and moral attitude but don't want to berate the author too much. I would like to address the author directly however, and say that you, K.A. Linde, have a lot of potential and a knack for creating awesome sexual tension. Listen to your readers and their criticism in order to become a whole lot better. :)

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