Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies #1) by Tarryn Fisher

Wow! Where do I even begin with this book? I am obsessed with the series and the characters and the author and the plot and the whole story and everything about this! Gaaah. I need help, yes but what I really need is Thief (book 3 which is yet to be released).

The Opportunist is a book about fate, manipulation, jealousy, lies, love, luck, honesty,  betrayal and everything in between. It's so juicy like a medium-rare beef fillet steak- and we all love steak right? ;)

What I appraise the author for more than anything else is for her characters. Tarryn Fisher depicts them so that they are so phenomenally realistic that the story is believable. Half the time, when I'm discussing this in a topic with fellow Opportunist lovers on Goodreads, I find myself speaking as if they are real life and I know them personally, then forgetting that this is fiction prose. Now that's how much of an awesome writer and caricaturist Tarryn Fisher is. I imagine myself window shopping one day and spotting Leah on the other side of the pane buying the most expensive piece of jewelry or spotting Olivia sitting in Starbucks grimacing at the floor. When I read this, visually speaking, the characters and images in my mind produced by Tarryns writing are clear as day, definitive.

I read a few (a very select few) negative reviews where readers ranted and gave low ratings all based on the fact that they despised the characters. While this may be true to them, I think the characters are aboslutely perfect. Perfectly written, portrayed and summarized. It's the main thing that hooked me the most- that because the character's are so relatable and flawed, I feel like I know them and see these qualities in other people. They are individual and unique yet realistic and identifiable which is so very important to me when reading a book- especially anything that is a contemporary YA/NA novel because a lot of the character's for me all seem to morph together within the same expected personality and traits. So reading The Opportunist was so refreshing. The characters stand out and now have a lodged holding in my mind along with other incredibly developed all time memorable characters.

The next best thing about this is the lies and manipulation. There are so many mysteries and loose ends that do eventually tie up nicely throughout the plot and it's subtle revelations, if ever a revelation could be subtle. A lot of my questions remain unanswered which makes me absolutely skitzy for the conclusions and answers which I presume will be revealed in book 3.  The unsolved mysteries are revealed throughout the following book Dirty Red and also Thief, the third and last book of the series. 

A seriously addictive, emotive and effective read. If you love anything like a fiction that reflects and relates to real life situations, people and themes, then pick this up NOW. Go go go!! 5*  <3

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