Friday, 21 December 2012

Fingersmith by Sarah Waters

Lesbian Victorians for the win! I loved all the twists, turns and revelations in this book and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I like everything about Waters style of writing. The language she uses paints an accurate picture with her articulate visual descriptions and character depictions; there is something Dickens-esque about that. 

I also adored how Waters used a mixed narrative point-of-view to reveal undiscovered and shocking feelings and personality traits that the characters have. One other thing that I admire about the structure of this book is how it can trigger you to have so many mixed feelings and opinions solely on one character given the narrative from each of the main different individuals.

 I loved reading this last year and definitely think its time for a re-read. I'm not sure what Waters other books are like but this one was great. Also, is it me or is Gentlemen cunningly evil and scheming yet so devilishly attractive? Hurray for sexy evil-minded antagonists!

If you LOVE revelations, surprises,  the unexpected, twists and turns, ups and downs then I definitely recommend this book. Well done Waters, loved it! 5* Read. 



Rach Riley said...

I still need to read this! Sounds good by what you're saying about it.

Lishah said...

Oh that's great Rach, can't wait for you to read it! I'm sure you'll enjoy it but you'll have to come back here and let me know what you think.

Rach Riley said...

Guess who's back? Hahah I liked it. :3 Sneaky little Gentleman ey!

Lishah said...

Ohh it's lovely to see you on here again! :D I love a bit of gentleman despite how evil he is :P