Sunday, 29 September 2013

Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas

Comfort Food

It has potential but is lacking in a lot of things.

 Firstly, let me state that is NOT a romance. There is no love story and there is no romance, only twisted, raw and graphic scenes of sex. It is a dark erotic fiction that explores the psychological theme of ownership and basically, Stockholm Syndrome. 

The concept was good, but the story was too short which made everything rushed and limited the story line and plot. I wish the author dug deeper into her mysterious character who's name we do not find out. I feel like he, who was actually interesting, was not written in such a way that we could explore the depths of his characteristics, and experience through the protagonist, different facets of his personality. There was none of that; he was pretty two dimensional. I was captivated by his handicap and thought that it was all so abrupt and cut too short. 

 There isn't much of a plot at all. Nothing happens. It's like the story begins half way through and finishes three quarters of the way through something that could have been extended into a proper novel with thorough subplots and a more interesting monologue from the protagonist. 

 Taking in mind that this is a short novel, I can't help but think that every single aspect of the novel has been narrowed into something that just scrapes the surface of the issues and topics concerned. The story just fell flat on it's arse.

 Rating: 2*

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