Thursday, 26 September 2013

A Different Blue by Amy Harmon

A Different Blue

This is a story of self discovery. It's a sad journey of the protagonist's life really but the ending is dependent on whether your glass is half full or half empty at the time you read it. You have to have patience when reading this book and absorb it slowly instead of trying to rush it, because it won't have the right effect on you. I lack patience when it comes to whizzing through books and so thought it was a little bit slow at times for me but a total adventure and not in the superficial sense. 

I admire how the author did not overthrow the love story elements with constant lovey dovey rubbish. Everything was paced and sweetly spaced out; nothing over the top. The romance in the story is tame which makes a nice change because it allows you to focus more on the real tale which is both diverse and intense.

The quality of the writing is good- creative and detailed- although there were a few little editing mistakes but these were far and wide. The sub-stories were interwoven nicely and surprisingly not so far fetched. The plot was well thought of as well as the interesting revelations, particularly at the end.

I can see why fans of The Sea of Tranquility would recommend this book, because aspects of Blue's personality reflect that of Nastya's from Katja's book. It is also, like TSoT, a story that deals with consequences of the injustices forced upon young people and how they deal with them.

Rating: Solid 4*

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