Thursday, 9 May 2013

Crow's Row (Crow's Row #1) by Julie Hockley

Rating: 3*

I'm not really psyched by this book if I'm honest. I really don't like the protagonist and other main characters. I stopped reading it for a long time when I had 10% to go before finishing it because I wasn't interested in following on from where I left off. 

I really don't like Emily. She reacts to certain situations very childishly that I cringe when reading them. She is bratty, naive and immature despite everything she's been/going through.

Also, what the hell is up with the 'love' in this book? I don't comprehend. To me, this is not 'true love' like the character stresses. Her naivety and Cameron's lack of character development leads me to think that the only thing they've got going on between them is perverse infatuation; nothing special. 

I usually love a good book that relates to mobsters/drug lords/ mafia's/Criminal Organizations (whatever you want to call them) and Stockholm Syndrome, and while the aspects of secrecy within these topics were realistically and accurately portrayed, I really wasn't taken by the characters themselves. Maybe I have strong taste in character portrayals but I can't help but disdain the blandness.

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