Thursday, 9 May 2013

Avoiding Commitment (Avoiding #1) by K.A Linde

Rating: 3.5*

Okay, this book just made me hate the whole male population. Yup. I hate men now. Even more so than I previously did at least.

I don't know how I have only just discovered this book. I came across it by accident but am so glad I did as it was to me, a mixture of two of my favourite books 'The Opportunist' by Tarryn Fisher and 'April and Oliver' by Tess Callahan.

I loved it because I always crave a bit of over the top angst and drama. There were so many unexpectedly heated passionate moments, so hot that I felt my brain boil over once or twice. And God I was so frustrated reading this over just about everything. I admire how the characters were emotionally driven and acted impulsively, which was realistic to human nature, instead of those oh so virtuous perfect human being type characters that many authors have repeatedly written in their stories. People just don't hold back like that in real life, which made the characters in this story believable and the plot more exciting. Human beings are selfish, destructive creatures. 

I usually always root for flawed characters such as Jack hoping that they are redeemable but I seriously just lost patience with him and gave up on that son of a bitch. Ughh. I liked him so much at the start and now hate him so much, which I certainly did not think would happen. I also hate Ramsey. I tried to like him and forgive him for what he'd done but even from the start he just proved to be a non-endearing nuisance. I don't like anyone really. Most of the characters were crazy shallow sex obsessed whores who lacked self respect and moral values. I did like Chyna a bit but she's a slapper and an annoying superficial socialite type but she was a good friend and stuck to her guns, which I commend her for. Don't even get me started on Beckah. I felt so bad for Lexi but I just wanted to shake her until she realized there was never love between her and Jack, only lust, obsession, longing, nostalgia, regrets and what-ifs.

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