Sunday, 7 April 2013

True Love Story by Willow Aster


I came across this story advertised in the back of Tarryn Fisher's "Dirty Red" book and I can't wait for more people to read this. 

I think this book actually made me go through the five stages of grief. Call me melodramatic but I swear I felt the denial, isolation, anger, betrayal, depression etc.. that the main character would have felt. I got so emotionally attached to Sparrow, who's POV the story is told from. I was so connected to her that I cried so much because of how angry I was made to feel and also because of the amount of sympathy and sadness I felt for Sparrow. The story was heartbreaking but touching that she could be so forgiving. The fact that her whole personality was effected by Ian's affair with Laila ( unreasonable prick!) ,as she went from a bubbly optimistic lovely young girl to broken down and depressed also broke my heart.

 I still don't understand Ian's motives for what he did and how he could do such a thing while being so enamored and in love, and so found myself unable to comprehend how Sparrow could forgive him. The point I think was for it to reflect the intensity of their love, the message being that love conquers all. I think she just gave up and was too sick of being unhappy that she decided to be with him in the end.

Overall, I will  recommend this book. It was addictive to the point where I couldn't put my kindle down. The romance was beautiful and the love was portrayed poetically. The author also managed to cover the many different types and aspects of love. The writing I think, had an exceptional quality to that of other N/A, Y/A and Chick-Lit authors. What I like most about the writing of the book was how it was structured- I think it was most effective that way because deep down we all kind of knew what was coming from the start, though I tried to brush it off, and this was vital to the built up of the betrayal.   

Read it people, if you're in need of a good o'l story 'bout love.

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