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Love In The Time Of Cholera/El Amor En El Tiempo Del Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Since I read this a good couple of years ago, in fact in the summer of 2010, I can't really remember having much of an opinion on it concerning whether I liked the idea of the book or not. Its definitely different; very different from other books I've read. I will say that one thing I know I was definitely grateful for and found interesting to read was that of the perspective of an 70/80+ year old man who spent his life waiting for one woman whom he fell in love with at a young age. He waited all of his life, while constituting street whores for Fermina Daza until she became "back on the market again" fifty-one years, nine months and four days later exactly.

This book is about, though I hate to say it, unrequited and eternal love. I don't agree that the majority of this book really is about genuine true love- rather it is better suited to be classed as being about lust, obsession and infatuation.  

There are many things I hated about the leading character, Florentino Ariza, like how he was the cause of death to a few of his short term 'lovers' yet showed no remorse or regret what so ever, or like how he also was sleeping with the 13 year old school girl he was supposed to be baby sitting.  Come on, just think about how perverse that is- an OAP doing things like that to a little girl who then, through heart break, kills herself! It's just wrong. On the contrary, however, I do admire his determination, persistence, strong willingness and endurance but that is ALL I admire about this character. There simply are no other redeeming qualities about Florentino Ariza what so ever.

In conclusion, and in spite of the above reasons, I would recommend this as I think it is a deep and interesting book to read. It displays a great contrast to other books that contain typical 'Love' stories and allows the reader to consider love in many different forms other than the most common representations of it. Also, if you are interested in reading about equality and how women were treat and thought of during the turn of the 18th century, then definitely give it a try. Whether this book is enjoyable enough to consider reading it is really a question of what you as the reader expect of a great prose. If you think the main ingredient to a great story is a likable heroic main character then AVOID this book at all costs.

Readability factor -4.5*
Enjoyablilty factor- 3.5*

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(Credits: Todo de Shakira y Gabriel Garcia Marquez)
*Pienso En Ti
*La Despedida
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