Thursday, 25 October 2012

Favourite Arabic Sentence

Today, my relative, May Hanna taught me a few new bits of Arabic and I put together a sentence of my favorite Arabic lines.

"Kol leila 3eed le 2alby, tool ma 2albak ganb 2alby" 

I picked this out from the song 'Kol sana wenta tayeb' by Hani Shaker. In English, it translates to:

 "Every beautiful night is a feast to my heart, as long as your heart is near mine".

(Note: Arabic written in English letters has numbers used which help determine the pronunciation of the word if in case, the Arabic letter within the word is non existent in Latin/English script. For example, the 7 written in "ana Bi7abek" creates the breathy 'haaah' sound needed to say the word correctly.)

#KnowledgeIsPower ....;)


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